Ritta Book: The Company

The RITTA BOOK® organization whose mission is all about Reaching Imaginations Today Tomorrow and Always with Breathtaking Objects Of Knowledge, was established to develop and improve literacy skills for young readers grades KDG through 5th.  RITTA BOOK® understands that reading and the practice of literacy, also includes access to libraries and library services as a key to promoting literacy for young children, motivating older children to read, and increasing student achievement.  With this in mind, RITTA BOOK offers innovative products, services and programs that excite children about recreational reading, libraries and books. With special emphasis given to struggling and reluctant readers, our vision is to inspire children to develop the habit of reading and become enthusiastic life-long learners. We believe literacy unlocks the door to a lifetime of learning and higher literacy levels will enable students to reach their full potential and contribute to the well-being of society whether college or workforce bound.  This is the idea, if students have access to books that interest them, they’ll learn to love reading; if they love reading, they’ll read more; the more they read, the stronger their literacy skills will become; the stronger their literacy skills, the more opportunities they will have.


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