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Ritta Book: The Company

The RITTA BOOK® organization whose mission is all about Reaching Imaginations Today Tomorrow and Always with Breathtaking Objects Of Knowledge, was established to develop and improve literacy skills for young readers grades KDG through 5th.

Book: Ritta Book

As a Book, RITTA BOOK ® encourages the usage of school and local libraries!!! The ABC’s of the RITTA BOOK ® Library “A Journey from A to Z”, is a cleverly written rhyming and inspiring work of art that children will appreciate and really enjoy reading.

Teaching Resource

As a Teaching Resource, RITTA BOOK is a navigational tool created to be implemented by librarians, classroom teachers and parents. The ABC’s of the RITTA BOOK ® Library “A Journey from A to Z”, introduces readers to various components of the library media center.


rittabookAbout the Author

Cynthia “Lady Rose” Roberson is a well-known singer and song writer, flooring audiences from the famous Apollo Theater in New York City to Sapporo Japan. She has even performed with the late great Ray Charles!!!

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By Cynthia “Lady Rose” Roberson

As a School Media Specialist, day after day I am dismayed and out right baffled by the lack of reading interests, abilities and the levels of lethargy about learning among our school age youth.  In my observation, it became immediately clear that to address  students’ need to read both efficiently and effectively, see education as a means of emancipation, while helping them to discover and develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses, they needed a teaching method that would embrace multiple intelligences and learning styles. Ritta Book was established.

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